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Bring CMU Bhangra to your next event! A full performance includes a variety of Bhangra styles, ranging from powerful, high-energy dancing to sweet and graceful movements. We are available to perform at any event, be it a private party, cultural show, or an Indian wedding, including the Baraat. We look forward to performing for you!


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Book a talented Dhol player for your next event! The dhol is a percussion instrument originating from Northern India. It was originally played to celebrate the beginning of the harvest. Now, it is played to celeberate joyous occasions and provides energy to any event!

Teaching Sessions

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Starting from the basics, our very own dancers will introduce you to the fundamentals of Bhangra! No previous experience is required, and the session is perfect for all ages to enjoy. Upon request, we can teach a full choreographed segment (~1 minute long.)

Additional Requests

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Please reach out to us with any special requests and we will do our very best to accommodate them. Some unique services we can provide include a narrative on the history of Bhangra, Punjabi poetry, Pagh (turban) tying, and other solo instrumentalists (e.g. Chimta.) We look forward to tailoring our services to best fit your event!


To book CMU Bhangra for your next event, please reach out to us with details via email or phone. You can also DM us on Instagram or Facebook!
Pricing will vary based on the service and location. We look forward to performing for you!